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Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

  • Mint: Perth Mint (Australia)

  • Purity: 24-karat gold (.9999 fine)

  • Design: Features a unique kangaroo design on the reverse each year and the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II (1986-2023) or King Charles III (2024 onward) on the obverse.

  • Known for its annual design changes and limited mintages, making it popular among collectors.

  • Backed by the Government of Australia, ensuring its gold content and purity.

  • A liquid asset, widely recognized and easily tradable worldwide.


The History Behind Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin

The story of the Australian Gold Kangaroo coins is deeply rooted in Australia's gold rush history. The first gold nuggets were found in 1823 on the banks of the Macquarie River, but it wasn't until 1851, when Edward Hargraves struck gold at Summerhill Creek near Bathurst, that a massive gold rush began. As Western Australia's gold industry thrived, the Perth Mint was established in 1899, becoming a key player in the region's gold trade. In 1987, the Perth Mint introduced the Australian Gold Nugget, featuring a design inspired by the famous "Welcome Stranger" nugget. However, the pivotal change came in 1989 when the nugget design was replaced with the iconic kangaroo, propelling the coin's popularity among collectors worldwide.The Australian Gold Kangaroo coins, minted by the renowned Perth Mint, showcase a new and enchanting kangaroo design each year, surrounded by the rugged beauty of the Australian outback. Crafted from 1 troy oz of .9999 pure gold, these legal tender coins boast a face value of $100 (AUD) and are struck in brilliant uncirculated condition. The 2024 edition features the new effigy of King Charles III on the obverse, marking a significant change in the series. The coins' collectibility, exceptional purity, and eligibility for IRA contributions make them a favorite among collectors and investors, offering a visually stunning and smart choice for portfolio diversification.

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin (SPECS)


The coins are struck in .9999 fine (99.99% pure) gold


  • Weights and Diameters:​​

    • 1/2 oz coin: 15.55 grams (0.50 troy oz), diameter and thickness not specified

    • 1/4 oz coin: 7.78 grams (0.25 troy oz), 20.10 mm diameter, 1.80 mm thick

    • 1/10 oz coin: 3.11 grams (0.10 troy oz), diameter and thickness not specified

    • 1 oz coin: 31.10 grams (1.00 troy oz), 32.10 mm diameter, 2.65 mm thick


  • 1986-2023: Portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, along with her name, the coin's face value, and "AUSTRALIA"

  • 2024 onward: New portrait of King Charles III without a crown, signifying a historic transition in the series


  • 1986-1989: Depiction of famous Australian gold nuggets

  • 1990 onward: Features a different kangaroo design each year, showcasing the iconic Australian marsupial. Inscriptions include the coin's weight, mint year, and gold purity (.9999)

  • 2024 specific: Depicts a kangaroo leaping through a rural Australian landscape with a windmill and water tank in the background, along with the P125 mint mark


 the Australian Gold Kangaroo is a .9999 fine gold bullion coin available in 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz and 1/10 oz sizes, with a new kangaroo reverse design each year and an obverse transitioning from Queen Elizabeth II to King Charles III in 2024.

What are the benefits of investing in Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin?

The Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin offers several benefits for investors, including:

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Purity and Quality

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins, minted by the renowned Perth Mint, are struck from .9999 fine gold, ensuring the highest purity and quality. As one of the world's leading gold refineries, the Perth Mint is known for producing exceptional gold bullion coins and gold nuggets that are sought after by precious metals enthusiasts worldwide.

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Portfolio Diversification

Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins, like other popular gold bullion coins, are widely recognized and traded in the global precious metals market. This international recognition ensures high liquidity, allowing investors to easily buy or sell their coins at competitive prices based on the current gold spot price, plus a small premium.

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Legal Tender

Backed by the Western Australian Government, Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins are legal tender, adding an extra layer of trust and security for investors. This government backing ensures the coins' weight, purity, and gold content, making them a reliable store of value and a portable form of financial insurance.

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Secure Storage Options

 When you buy Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins from reputable dealers like us, you have the option to store your investments in secure, fully insured vaults. RGG offers allocated and segregated storage in safer jurisdictions worldwide, providing peace of mind for investors who prefer not to store their precious metals at home.


Design and Collectibility

Each year, the Perth Mint releases a new design for the Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin series, featuring the iconic marsupial in its natural habitat. This annual design change makes the coins highly attractive to gold coin collectors, as well as investors who appreciate the unique artistry and symbolism behind each release. The limited mintage of certain coins within the series can also add to their collectible value over time.

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Affordability and Flexibility

 Available in various sizes, including 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, and 1/10 oz, Australian Kangaroo Gold Coins offer investors the flexibility to invest in smaller increments, making them accessible to a wider range of budgets. This affordability allows investors to gradually build their gold holdings over time, taking advantage of dollar-cost averaging and potentially minimizing the impact of short-term gold price fluctuations.

What is the Price of a Australian Kangaroo Gold Coin in United States?

The price of a 1 oz Australian Gold Kangaroo coin in the US is determined by the gold spot price, the coin's weight and purity, and the gold premium. To calculate the price, multiply the spot price by 1 troy ounce and add the premium, which ranges from 3.5% to 5% at reputable dealers like RGG Investing in Gold Kangaroos offers numerous benefits for savvy gold buyers and investors. These highly liquid coins are widely recognized, making them easy to buy, sell, or trade globally. As a portable store of value, they provide a secure and tangible asset that serves as a hedge against financial and monetary risks.


Gold Kangaroos are an essential addition to any well-diversified portfolio, offering protection during economic uncertainty and preserving wealth for the long term. With their competitive pricing, exceptional quality, and global liquidity, these 1 oz gold coins represent a smart and cost-effective way to own physical gold, providing peace of mind and financial security in an ever-changing world.

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