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Platinum Bars and Coins

Platinum coins are proven to be one of the most valuable assets available to investors in a retirement portfolio. Precious metals are valuable assets with a track record of consistently increasing over time, and provide a sensible option for investment within your IRA.

Platinum is a rare precious metal that is widely used across a range of global industries. Subsequently, platinum coins represent a great opportunity for long-term investors to capitalize on the increasing market value.


Why Buy Platinum Coins?

Often referred to as the ‘rich man’s gold,’ platinum is the rarest of all precious metals. Due to limited supply, the value of platinum improves both during times of economic stability, and when the economy is weak. Platinum coins, therefore, represent a good investment to bolster a retirement fund and diversify your retirement portfolio.

Platinum is the least reactive metal and resistant to corrosion even at high temperatures. These properties make it ideal for a number of industrial products and highly sought after across numerous industries.

Platinum is used heavily in the automotive industry as well as alternative energies. The durable metal is used to make catalytic convertors, electrical contacts and promote low emissions. As stringent air standards are enforced worldwide, the demand for platinum will increase – and so will its value. Financial analysts predict that the price of platinum will increase substantially over the next decade. 

Buy Platinum Coins For Your Ira

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has strict policies with regards the type of platinum coins investors can add to a Platinum IRA.  Authorized coins must be made from approved national mints and contain a fineness of .9995 purity.

Add Platinum Coins To Your Precious Metals Ira Today.

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American Eagle Platinum Coins
Australian Koala Platinum Coins
British Queens Beast Platinum Coins
Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coins
Isle Of Man Noble Platinum Coins

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